A Handy Video Magnifier Plus so Much More

If you are finding it difficult to appreciate the details or read the fine print, why wouldn’t you pull out Pocket to assist you?  No need to purchase and carry around a separate device, Pocket has a built in High Resolution Video Magnifier. Photograph of Roger using Pocket to read the details on a seed packet

Thousands of Briton’s with Sight Loss are taking advantage of Pocket to reduce the clutter and cut costs

“Thank you for all of your help. I am certain this is going to change my life!”
Judy Hutton
Nothing to setup, just say “Start Magnifier“In Your Pocket’s built in Video Magnifier allows you to:

  • Read the small print on a back of a can or in a  recipe.
  • Read mail that’s got a bit tricky to see.
  • See the detail or read the inscription below a piece of art.
  • Find out the details in a TV guide or other instructions.
  • Read that small grey text on electronics that’s hard to see.

Pocket’s Video magnifier uses its 4.5″ screen (480 x 854 pixels) and 5Mp camera and has features equal or better than a stand alone video magnifier!:

  • Pan Zoom and freeze an image with autofocus.
  • Change contrast & brightness
  • Make the image grey or reversed
  • Allow you to select your favourite colour scheme, whether it be:
  • Blue-Yellow
  • Yellow – Blue
  • Black Yellow
  • Black Green
  • Black Blue

That’s smart!

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