An Amazing Audiobook Reader

A virtually unlimited supply of audio books already setup and supplied at no charge to users living with sight loss.  Libraries with over 100,000 audio books including, RNIB Library, Calibre Audio Library, Torch Trust Christian Library, Librevox and Project Gutenberg, with more coming.


Thousands of Briton’s are accessing a virtually unlimited library of Audio Books and streaming instantly!

“For me, its the flexibility of it…but for many many blind people, especially older people its just so useful and straightforward, plus Family can help you remotely” Mike Brace CBE
In Your Pocket is simplicity itself.

  • Streaming books are  delivered instantly
  • No limits to how many you can “borrow”
  • No setup required, no complex operation
  • Why buy an extra device?  Pocket is also a phone and digital assistant.

Already setup to make accessing books easy

Just say “Find me books with Title Harry Potter”  or “List books by Wells about Martians

Select a Title from the options offered “That one

And it will start streaming!

That’s smart!

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