Help from Home with the Remote Access Portal

With In Your Pocket, you can help those living with Sight Loss from your home or work, using its unique and accessible User Portal.


Feel the comfort of knowing you can help Mum or Dad from your own desktop!

“For me, its the flexibility of it…but for many many blind people, especially older people its just so useful and straightforward, plus Family can help you remotely” Mike Brace CBE
Each RealSAM device comes with its own User Portal, designed for accessibility, where you can manage contacts and browse content to recommend.

  • Mum needs the number of her Doctor put in?  Done!
  • Dad wants a book recommendation?  Done!
  • Your brother wants to import all his numbers?  Done!

The secure RealSAM Portal allows you to remotely access phone content and features, and more helpful capabilities are being added all the time.

Just say “What’s My Portal Login?”

That’s smart!

Remember, In Your Pocket is the all in one, voice operated phone, media player & digital assistant – so no need to buy and carry separate devices such as GPS, Video Magnifier or Personal Alarm. And on top of this there are no additional charges for content as it’s all bundled in and already setup – including the RNIB Library, Calibre Library, Torch Trust and more. And finally, it just keeps on getting better as new capabilities get released to all our customers regularly!

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