Listening to Audiobooks with RealSAM Hub

Listening to AudioBooks with RealSAM on a Smart Speaker is a breeze.

Simply subscribe to the RealSAM Hub and you will receive an activation code by email.

Say to your google speaker “Hey Google Talk to Real Sam” or “Alexa, Open Real Sam”.

At this stage it’s Google or Alexa listening so you need to make sure you say “Real” and “Sam” distinctly and clearly.

Then it’s as simple as saying “Read me a Book

Photograph of a smart speaker against a white brick wall. Glasses and keyboard to the side.
You could however make a search a little more complex, and say something like “Find books by Louisa May Alcott or “Find books with title Little Women

To select from a specific library, you can either select the Library, by saying “List Book Libraries” or make it part of your search.  Just ask “List Books about Magic from Calibre Audio library

If you find something you like you can start reading it instantly.  It will also appear in your recent list (the Library is Recently Read) , bookmarked to where you left off.

If you find a book you like, but don’t want to read it just yet you will be given the option to add it to your bookshelf (the Library is My Bookshelf).

To get around its also useful to be able to say “List Contents” so you can select a point to move to.   “Jump Back 5” to go back 5 minutes or perhaps “Jump forward 5” to skip past some introductory parts.