Human Centred Design

RealThing Ai, the company that has developed RealSAM In Your Woman with a stick, feeling a statuePocket is looking to refresh its understanding on the frustrations and ideas for solutions from members of the Sight Loss community.    Membership of the roughly 2 month “Human Centered Design” process would consist of a balanced spread in age, gender, location, amount of vision.  We are not looking to utilize insights from existing In Your Pocket customers in this study.

Participants will be rewarded with:

  • Contributing to the idea pool for the next generation of assistive technology from RealThing Ai.
  • A code to purchase In Your Pocket at £32 off retail (for yourself and up to two friends).
  • A free RealSAM Speaker Subscription for 12 months.
  • A free set of wired, bone conduction headset or bluetooth sunglasses worth around £25

To nominate for involvement in this project before it commences in April 2021, please complete your details below: