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If you are producing content for the Visually Impaired Community, you must be thinking about utilizing audio content to reach the widest audience.  Luckily a solution is in reach.   RealSAM, who produce the amazing In Your Pocket voice controlled handset – are now looking for appropriate content partners on our Pocket Handset,  plus our new smart speaker solutions.

If you are publishing, podcasts,  web based newsletters (then text to speech), Upcoming Events or general information and advice you can have your content in the one place for Voice based Visually Impaired Community .

When using a RealSAM device, just say “Tell me about YOUR ORGANISATION NAME” 

To find out more about the Content Partner Program and whether your content qualifies:
At RealSAM, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our visitors and customers.  Please read our Privacy Policy for further details.

Image of Google Home Smart SpeakersIn Your Pocket on the Samsung XCover4s handset

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