Meet RealSAM Speaker

Image of RealSAM Speaker subscription on a Google Home Smart SpeakerCalibre Audio Library LogoTorch Trust logoLibrivox Logo The essence of RealSAM Pocket, on your smart speaker.  Simple to Use. Voice Operated. Over 27,000 Audio Books. Designed for Visually Impaired People. Just £19.90 for a 1 year subscription.

It’s the most accessible Audio Book Streamer on the planet.  The RealSAM Speaker subscription includes access to Calibre Audio Book Library, the Torch Trust Library and Librivox.  It also offers radio, podcasts, information on blind charities and Talking Newspaper access (currently limited).

  • No Waiting –  Stream instantly
  • No Borrowing Limits
  • 3 Libraries on board and more coming.

To get started, say to your Google Home Speaker “Talk to Real SAM” or to Alexa “Open Real Sam” (coming early April 2021).   Bring your speaker and a wifi connection to get going today.  No need to wait!

Some fine details:

  1. The RealSAM Speaker subscription does not include the speaker hardware or the internet connection.  You need to supply these yourself and get your speaker going.
  2. The RealSAM Speaker does not offer the communications and assistant capabilities of RealSAM Pocket, as it has no camera and screen and can’t make phone calls.  It does however offer all the media player capabilities.
  3. Existing RealSAM In Your Pocket customers can sign up via the RealSAM customer portal, to access the existing customer discount and to have your bookshelves and bookmarks shared across your devices.
  4. The RealSAM Speaker subscription will work on multiple devices however you will only be able to stream to one device at a time.
  5. There is no charges for content or services and all new content feeds are added automatically, to all devices.