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Join us in empowering people who are blind and partially sighed with technology that’s breaking barriers.


RealSAM Phones

The revolutionary, voice-operated smartphones

Are you a not for profit organisation, a business or a creator who works with blind and visually impaired clients?

We’d love to partner with you to provide your community members with an accessible mobile phone.  

RealSAM Pocket – the first of its kind device – was designed as a voice-operated phone that’s friendly and easy to use. 

With RealSAM Pocket, your members or clients can make calls, communicate with text messages, listen to books, access other media, and get assistance just by using their voice. 

No need to navigate complicated touch screens, learn gestures, deal with inaccessible apps, or struggle locating small buttons, they just need to tap on the screen and talk. 

Developed in partnership with the RNIB

Find out how RealSAM Pocket can help the people you support.

Contact us to schedule an in person or virtual demonstration to learn more about this transformative device.

If you are an assistive technology distributor, talk to us about distribution opportunities.

Charities and Not for Profit Organisations

With RealThing AI’s voice control technology, there’s an easier, more accessible way for people with diverse needs to stay connected and to have more independence.

Find out how RealSAM can help the people you support by contacting us to schedule an in-person or virtual demonstration to learn more. 

RealSAM Demonstrators

If you’re a sight loss charity or disability support organisation, and have a low vision centre or a program where people can try out assistive technology, you can carry either the RealSAM Pocket or RealSAM Phone for demonstration at no cost. Apply for a short-term loan or contact us for more information.

Businesses and Distributors

If you’re an assistive technology distributor, or you cater to consumers with specialised accessibility needs, reach out to us for distribution opportunities.


We’d love to be a part of your in-person or virtual event related to accessibility or assistive technology, and share how our technology can make a difference to the people in your community. 

Content Creators

If you’re a blind or visually impaired creator, or you create content related to accessibility and assistive technology, reach out to us for an opportunity to showcase RealSAM mobile phones, or have us share how it can make a difference to the people in your community.

Content Partners

RealSAM users have access to media content like audiobooks, talking newspapers, magazines, radios, and podcasts. Contact us to find out about becoming a Content Partner of RealSAM products. 

Partner with Us

IIf you would like to demonstrate, distribute or enquire about becoming a content partner of RealSAM products, please complete this form. Alternatively, you may like to request a short-term loan of RealSAM Pocket 

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