RealSAM Pocket

The Mobile Phone for People with Sight Loss

RealSAM Pocket is the mobile phone for the Blind and Partially Sighted.

Packed with Features yet Simple to Use. It’s a Smart Phone, an Audio Book Player and a Living Assistant all in one!

Choose from a monthly contract or buy unlocked and SIM free with unlimited access to audiobooks, newspapers and magazines.

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With RealSAM Pocket You Can:

Prices start from just

£25.99 a month*

* Based on a 24 month contract offering unlimited UK calls, texts and 3Gb data. Price based on purchaser being eligible for VAT relief due to sight loss.

What makes RealSAM Pocket unique?

Fully Voice Operated

Just say ‘Read me The Guardian’, ‘Find books by Agatha Christie’ or ‘Call Doctor Smith.’


Stream thousands of talking books, newspapers and magazines, radio or  podcasts at no extra cost.

Easy to Use

Tap the screen and ask for what you want using natural speech.

Try it for up to 60 days

Try it for up to 60 days without pressure and enjoy unlimited customer support.

Features of RealSAM Pocket

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Be Connected

Be Entertained

Be Independent

What Will I Receive?

RealSAM Pocket Smartphone

Everything is setup and activated, so it works straight out of the box!

Quick Start Guide

Simple instructions designed to help first time users.


A lanyard to keep it safe and always at hand.

Charger & Cable

A charging plug and USB cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed below the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, but please give us a call if you’d like to ask something else.

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What is RealSAM Pocket?

RealSAM Pocket is a voice controlled smart device that is designed to be simple to use and of enormous value to people living with low vision and blindness.

We install our software on a Samsung mobile phone, and it completely takes over the phone. More than just a phone for the blind, you can use your voice to make phones calls, search for and stream audio books, read today’s newspapers, get navigation or sighted assistance and much, much more.

What are the parts of RealSAM Pocket?

RealSAM Pocket is actually a collection of smart technologies. It is:

  • A high quality Samsung phone that controls functions such as speech to text conversion, media playing and making calls. 
  • A network connection via Wifi or a mobile service provider.
  • An Artificial Intelligence engine on the internet that figures out what users want and responds.
  • A variety of sources of content on the internet such as the RNIB Talking Books library.
  • A web portal that allows users, family, friends and care takers to update some parts of the device.
Why isn’t Pocket an App?

Our customers often tell us that they find downloading and using apps one of their main frustrations. By ensuring all of our services are built in to Pocket, we offer a consistent and easy customer experience. 

Can I download Apps?

RealSAM Pocket comes with a selection of pre-loaded apps that have been optimised for use by voice and chosen based on requests from our customers.  It is not possible to download additional apps, which includes social media, but we are continuously adding to our list of apps.    

Why can’t you put RealSAM Pocket on my phone?

By offering Pocket on a limited number of handsets we are able to ensure our customer service team are trained to offer the highest standard of support. All customers are offered unlimited technical support, which means we need to be experts in all aspects of your phone’s operations!

Should I wait for the next version?

All users get all the updates, so no one ever misses out on features. Also we only change handsets every couple of years because we can’t purchase the old handset anymore. So there’s no need to wait when you can start using it right away.


Sam Seavey of The Blind Life reviews RealSAM Pocket

“This is the RealSAM Pocket, a new smartphone alternative for the blind and visually impaired seniors market. The RealSAM Pocket is brought to us by Real Thing Ai and features easy to use software running on a powerful Samsung Galaxy phone. This might be a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to use the traditional smartphone.” – Sam Seavey

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I'm really enjoying RealSAM. It's unbelievable. It's opened up my life in so many ways.
Barry, London
We spoke with Rob in your customer service team and he was absolutely brilliant.
Jill, Buckinghamshire
Wonderful device. You can't fault it. It's brilliant!
Tom, Chester
Piano Tuner

Our Partners

RealSAM Pocket is developed in partnership with the RNIB and O2, and features information from many of the UK’s leading charities for the visually impaired.

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Available in Large Print, Braille and Digital formats.