RealSAM Pocket

A revolutionary voice operated smartphone for people who are blind or visually impaired

RealSAM Pocket takes away the stress of figuring out complicated phone interfaces when you can’t see or can’t see well enough what’s on the screen. It enables you to communicate with your dear ones by phone or text, reduces isolation by allowing you to stream content and supports your independence with handy assistance tools… all this by just using your voice. No need to learn complicated touch screens or struggle with reading small buttons; just tap the screen and talk. It’s that simple!

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With RealSAM Pocket You Can:

Our price plans start at £25.99 per month, including unlimited Customer Support & a no quibble 60-day return period!

What's in the box?

RealSAM Pocket smartphone

Everything is setup and activated, so it works straight out of the box!

Quick Start Guide

Simple instructions designed to help first time users.


A lanyard to keep it safe and always at hand.

Charger & Cable

A charging plug and USB cable.

What's in the box?

RealSAM Pocket Device

Everything is setup. All you need is to insert a SIM card or connect your RealSAM Pocket to WiFi.

Case, Screen Protector & Lanyard

A bumper case with a lanyard and a screen protector attached to the screen to keep your phone safe and always at hand.

Charger & Cable

A wall charging plug and USB cable.

SIM Card Tool

A small tool you'll need to open the slot and insert a SIM card from your preferred provider.

What makes RealSAM Pocket unique?

Fully Voice Operated

Just say ‘Read me The Guardian’, ‘Find books by Agatha Christie’ or ‘Call Doctor Smith.’


Stream thousands of talking books, newspapers and magazines, radio or  podcasts at no extra cost.

Easy to Use

Tap the screen and ask for what you want using natural speech.

Try it for up to 60 days

Try it for up to 60 days without pressure and enjoy unlimited customer support.

We have proudly partnered with the RNIB and O2 since 2018 to develop RealSAM Pocket. Find out more:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are regularly asked a lot of the same questions, we have listed these below to help with any queries you have.

RealSAM Pocket is a voice controlled smart device that is designed to be simple to use and of enormous value to people living with low vision and blindness.

We install our software on a Samsung mobile phone, and it completely takes over the phone. More than just a phone for the blind, you can use your voice to make phones calls, search for and stream audio books, read today’s newspapers, get navigation or sighted assistance and much, much more.

RealSAM Pocket is actually a collection of smart technologies. It is:

The handset that controls basic functions such as speech to text conversion, media playing and making calls. It runs on an Android phone, but the user can’t access Android directly.

A network connection via Wifi or a mobile service provider.

An Artificial Intelligence engine on the internet that figures out what users want and responds.

A variety of sources of content on the internet such as the RNIB Talking Books library.

A web portal that allows users, family, friends and care takers to update some parts of the device.

Our customers often tell us that they find downloading and using apps one of their main frustrations. By ensuring all of our services are built in to Pocket, we offer a consistent and easy customer experience. 

We probably could, but it wouldn’t be viable for you as it generally takes us a minimum of two to four weeks work to get Pocket working seamlessly on a new phone.  It would be expensive!

All users get all the updates, so no one ever misses out on features. Also we only change handsets every couple of years because we can’t purchase the old handset anymore. So there’s no need to wait when you can start using it right away.

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