Get Set Progress internship programme logo. ‘Progress’ is in a teal colour. The rest of the font is dark blue. There is a little icon of a person and an eye looking up in the O of Progress.

Customer Engagement Intern

RealThing Ai joins the Thomas Pocklington Trust and RNIB as part of the #GetSetProgess Intern Programme! Join the RealThing Ai team as our new Customer

An older woman with short white hair, wearing a light blue cardigan, white blouse and blue jeans. She’s sitting with her head bowed and slightly resting on her right hand. Her eyes are closed and she’s holding her glasses with her left hand as if she’s taking a rest from using them. Above and to the right it says, ‘10 Signs of Age Related Sight Loss’ on a navy blue background. Below is a pink button with white text that says 'learn more', and the RealSAM pink and blue logo with the link,

10 Signs of Age Related Sight Loss

Embracing retirement years comes with a unique set of adventures. But sometimes, our eyes need a little extra TLC to keep up with the journey.

‘World Kindness Day’ written in bold cursive on a gradient light yellow and pink heart. The background is dark navy blue. On the left behind the heart is Earth. On the lower left it says, ’13 November 2023’ and the link

Happy World Kindness Day

In a world that can sometimes seem chaotic, World Kindness Day reminds us of the power of compassion. At some point, we’ve all learned from

‘Happy Diwali’ written in light blue print and fancy cursive lettering. The background has blurred lights of blues, whites, purples, and pinks. At the bottom are 5 lit Diyas, (tiny clay bowls/pots that are lit using oil and cotton string for Diwali, the festival of lights.)

Wishing You the Happiest of Diwalis

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a joyous occasion that brings people together to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness. As we continue with

This article image depicts an enlarged map view with intersecting streets, blocks of light green grassy areas, and a larger blue area of water on the bottom lefthand side. There is a giant red GPS location marker pointing to a spot by the water. To the right is the RealSAM Pocket with the ‘tap to talk’ button activated and next to it, a speech bubble that says, ‘Where you are local points of interests include…’ On the bottom left is the RealSAM website –

RealSAM Navigation Tool

RealSAM Navigation Tool: Get Accurate Location and Nearby Points of Interests RealSAM mobile phones are not just accessible. They are also designed with features that