2022 Christmas Gift Ideas for Loved Ones with Sight Loss

If, like us, December has crept up pretty quickly for you and you are wondering how you will get all of your Christmas shopping done in the next 2 weeks, we have a little Gift Guide to get you started!
Do you have any gifts suggestions for loved ones with a visual impairment? We’re sure our community would love to hear what you’re planning to buy!
Image one: A large Christmas tree with presents wrapped underneath it with the words ‘Real Thing Ai’s Christmas Gift Guide 2022’ featured in a white box at the bottom of the graphic.
Image two: A photo of RealSAM Pocket wearing a Christmas hat with the words ‘For precious Christmas calls.. We couldn’t kick off this year’s gift guide without talking about RealSAM Pocket and RealSAM Phone! Our entirely voice operated smart phones!’ feature in a white box at the bottom of the graphic
Image three: Playing cards are laid out on the table with a fire burning in the background. The words ‘For some family fun… Did you know you can buy braille uno and playing cards?! There is nothing quite like a cosy winter’s night in!’ are written across the bottom of the picture.
Image four: A Christmas tree with a dark bookshelf in the background. A smart speaker playing RealSAM Hub sits on one of the shelves. The words ‘For entertainment… The RealSAM Hub is a Voice Operated Media Player that can stream over 27,000 Audio Books! And it’s currently only £19.90 for a whole year’s subscription!’ are featured on the graphic.
Image five: A photo with a rolled up towel, hot stones and massage bars features with the words ‘for a more sensual gift… how about a massage! The aromas, oils and soft music all make for a wonderfully relaxing Christmas gift!’

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