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One thing that Lockdowns and Isolation do is give us plenty of time on our hands.  Perhaps family can’t come to visit, but you can sit down and enjoy a good magazine with In Your Pocket. We have over 50 magazines that are updated regularly and included as part of an In Your Pocket subscription.

It’s as simple as saying something like  “Read me BBC Gardener’s World” If you are unsure, you can say “Which Magazines do you have?” .  If you are getting Pocket to list the Magazines, you can shorten your search by saying something like “Next starting with F” or “Next containing Music“.   Once you have started reading a magazine you like you can say “Subscribe“.  Next time you want to listen, you only need to say “My Magazines” to get to the Magazines you like.

If it’s Food & Drink, Try: “BBC Easy Cook“, “BBC Good Food“, “Beer” or “What’s Brewing“.

Wanting to stay up to date with Business and Investment?  Try “Financial Advisor“, “Investors Chronicle“, “Money Matters“, or “Moneywise” .

If it’s Science & Technology that’s your thing?  Try “Access IT“,  “Astronomy Now“, “BBC Science Focus“, “Compute IT“, “Computer Active“, “Computer Shopper“, “New Scientist” or “Which ? Computing“.

A full list of our Magazines is below (current at today’s date).  Enjoy!

Access IT Monthly. This magazine caters for both novice and more experienced, blind and partially sighted computer and access technology users. It contains the newest high-tech products, screen reading software and web accessibility, or if you’d like advice on making your access technology work better, Access IT has something for you.
Aphra Monthly. Dating advice for singletons, relationship advice for wives and girlfriends, beauty, fashion and sex tips for anyone with XX chromosomes, and features on friendship, work, society and popular culture. We pack all of this into our monthly Cosmopolitan-style magazine for women.
Aquila Aquila magazine brings a unique blend of brain-stretching ideas and irreverent fun to 8-12-year olds. Includes cool science and challenging projects, plus a topic covered in depth each issue.
Astronomy Now Monthly. Contains news, book reviews, beginners’ guide and features on observing, cosmology, as well as the history of astronomy and space science.
BBC Easy Cook Monthly. It is full of ideas for mouth-watering, simple-to-prepare meals for busy families.
BBC Gardener’s World Monthly. Fresh ideas, inspiration and practical advice on exactly what needs doing each month. Contains solutions to all your gardening problems, expert advice and ideas from your favourite TV gardeners.
BBC Good Food Monthly. Provides fool proof recipes and practical ideas for every meal occasion and good advice and menus from top celebrity chefs.
BBC History Magazine Monthly. Each issue has leading historians offering fresh insights into every era from the archaeology of the ancient world to the background to today’s current affairs.
BBC Music Magazine Monthly. Classical music connoisseurs and new enthusiasts alike will enjoy the features and reviews of a huge variety of new CDs each month.
BBC Science Focus Monthly. It includes science news, technology, nature pictures and answers to your science questions in a Q&As section.
Beer Quarterly. Celebrates the world of beer culture through education, enjoyment and events.
Blast Off Monthly. Aimed at 7-11-year-olds, it’s bursting with stories, interviews, things to make and do, and a joke page. Plus, its double-line spacing makes it easier to read.
Braille Music Magazine Monthly. For the amateur or professional classical musician, Music Magazine contains CD reviews, features about music and musicians and lists the latest music publications available in braille.
British Medical Journal Weekly. The British Medical Journal is an advocate of evidence-based material covering research as well as clinical reviews, news, editorial perspectives and personal views.
Compute IT Monthly. If you’re interested in all the latest computer-related news and developments, be it on hardware or software, this is the magazine for you.
Computer Active Fortnightly. Computer Active is packed with essential, easy-to-follow advice, topical features, workshops, product buying guides, consumer help, PC troubleshooting and more.
Computer Shopper Monthly. It contains reviews of home computers, consumer technology and software as well as technology-focused news, analysis and feature articles.
Conundrum Monthly. If you enjoy crosswords, anagrams, general knowledge quizzes, Sudoku and logic puzzles, this magazine is for you. Packed full of puzzles, Conundrum will keep you busy for hours.
Cricket Fixtures Published each spring. This magazine is essential for all cricket fans. It features all the England and Wales domestic fixtures for the coming year, plus tables from the previous year’s County Championships Division One and Two, League Divisions One and Two, and results from the Twenty-20 Cup.
Disclosure Monthly. Entertainment magazine, featuring film, television, reviews and celebrity interviews.
English Football Fixtures Published annually. A must for all footie fans! RNIB produces complete listings for leagues in England all of which are presented in date order and contains final league tables from the previous season.
Financial Advisor Weekly. It is a publication for the UK based financial intermediary community.
First News Weekly newspaper for young people aged 7-14. Keep up-to-date with news and interesting stories from the UK and around the world. Includes crazy but true stories, celebrity interviews, sport and much more.
Flight International Weekly. Keep up-to-date with everything that’s happening in the world of aviation and aerospace, with objective coverage of the latest news, products, aircraft and flight tests, plus detailed features and reference directories.
Good Vibrations Monthly. Anyone interested in hi-fi equipment, whether you’re an amateur or enthusiast, will enjoy Good Vibrations with its snippets of news from the world of hi-fi, reviews of new equipment, vinyl section plus much, much more.
Gramophone Monthly. Reviews classical CDs and videos, as well as audio equipment. Interviews with leading musicians.
Homes and Antiques Monthly. Warm, inspiring and informative, Homes & Antiques is the must-read magazine for people who love great design and beautiful objects from every era.
Investors Chronicle Weekly. Gain expert advice, valuable tips and ideas on how to make the most of your investments for private investors. Independent analysis of companies and shares and provides ideas to help make profits, whatever the trading conditions.
Literary Review Monthly. Lively and intelligent literary magazine for people who love reading but hate academic and intellectual jargon. Authors review the best and most exciting selection of current writing.
Lives Remembered Monthly. Featuring obituaries to help us remember the achievements of those who have shaped history – from well-known celebrities to others you may not be so familiar with.
London Review of Books Fortnightly. Contains the best of literature, politics, history, philosophy and the arts.
Macworld Macworld is the premier resource for news, reviews, tips and expert advice for anyone interested in Apple, the Mac and OS X.
Missy Monthly. Full of true life stories, pop gossip, interviews, horoscopes, problems and lots more, Missy is a brilliant read for girls aged 12-15.
Money Matters Bi-monthly. If you’re interested in keeping up with all aspects of personal finance, including insurance and investments, Money Matters will help you make the most of your money.
Moneyweek Weekly. Digest of financial and investment news taken from the British and foreign media, newsletters and websites.
Moneywise Monthly. Presents financial information in an accessible, jargon-free manner and providing tips and advice to let you take control of your money.
Nature Weekly. Coverage of the most important research across scientific disciplines. With breaking news, renowned editorial insight and a long tradition of debate in our ever-changing scientific world.
New Scientist Weekly. It includes the latest news, ideas and discoveries from every field of science and technology.
New Statesman Weekly. Team of award-winning writers and guest contributors reporting and analysing the defining issues of our time.
Piano Tuners’ Quarterly Quarterly. This magazine features advice and tips from professional piano tuners, news from the piano world and a regular diary charting the experiences of a professional piano tuner.
Progress Monthly. Progress includes current affairs, popular science, a touch of humour and regularly features are a short story, problem page, announcements and a crossword. There is also the chance to ask for penfriends from overseas. It also includes a cookery supplement, “What’s in the Pantry”, packed with seasonal recipes.
Pure Monthly. For young women aged 16-19, Pure contains articles on love and relationships, fashion, health and beauty, plus interviews with the stars, “real-life” stories, horoscopes and a problem page.
Reader’s Digest Monthly. True life tales of courage, interviews with extraordinary people, in-depth investigations, expert lifestyle advice and words of wit and wisdom.
Scottish Football Fixtures Published annually. A must for all footie fans! RNIB produces complete listings for leagues in Scotland, all of which are presented in date order and contain final league tables from the previous season.
Shaping Up Monthly. It’s packed full of the latest health news and fitness features, not to mention advice and answers to commonly asked medical questions.
Shop Window Monthly. It contains the latest consumer news – travel bargains and holiday hotspots, consumer cons, ethical shopping, food fads and best buys.
Short Stories Monthly. Each issue contains a selection of popular fiction, be it romance, sci-fi, a thriller or horror. Some stories may contain strong language or items of a sexual nature.
Slightly Foxed Monthly. Contains personal recommendations for books of lasting interest, old and new, both fiction and non-fiction books that have inspired, amused, and sometimes even changed the lives of the people who write about them.
Sports Weekly Weekly. A general sport magazine, assembled from various sport articles from national newspapers. Contains highlights from football, cricket, tennis and many other sports.
TES (Times Educational Supplement) Weekly. Includes the latest news, comment, education jobs, teaching resources and discussions.
The Economist Weekly. It offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news.
The Oldie Monthly. Written for older people as a light-hearted alternative to a press obsessed with youth and celebrity. Every month it brings you great writers such as Barry Cryer, Anne Robinson, Will Self and Rachel Johnson.
The Spectator Weekly. It is a British magazine on politics, culture and current affairs.
The Times Literary Supplement Weekly. Includes reviews, essays, books and the arts.
The Week Weekly. Unique digest bringing together the best of the British and foreign press, providing you with everything you need and want to know about world events.
The Week Junior Weekly. It’s filled with fascinating stories and information, written to engage young, curious minds and encourage them to explore and understand the world around them.
Unexplained Monthly. Delve into the dark world of ghosts, UFOs, strange creatures, science fiction, weird phenomena, folklore and magic, as well as related book reviews, events, haunted locations and a short story.
Upbeat Monthly. Upbeat is packed full of information on rock, pop, jazz, folk and much more. It features the latest concert diary, along with in-depth reviews and interviews.
What’s Brewing Weekly. All about craft beers and events.
Which? Monthly. Provides testing of product reviews, highlighting inferior products or services, raising awareness of consumer rights and offering independent advice.
Which? Computing Weekly. Contains simple solutions for technology problems and testing reviews on the latest computing devices.
Which? Travel For practical travel advice and inspirational ideas, look no further than Which? Travel.
World Archaeology Bi-monthly. Devoted to archaeology that covers the world from the first emergence of man through to yesterday. Focuses particularly on Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Near East, Greece and Rome, although the whole world is covered.