Five ways RealSAM Pocket will improve your Christmas in 2021

Image shows a plate of Christmas cookies and the tecxt 5 ways RealSAM Pocket will improve your Christmas in 2021

Sight loss can be hard enough at the best of times. 

It’s even harder at Christmas time when Christmas cards, carol sheets and festive recipes remain agonisingly out of reach for millions of Brits who struggle to read them.

The good news is that our product – RealSAM Pocket – is a life-changing device for those who suffer from sight loss.

How can RealSAM help the blind and partially sighted have a better Christmas?

RealSAM Pocket isn’t just for Christmas. It was designed for and by visually impaired people so every feature can be entirely operated by voice. That means it works for you when you need it all year round.

Knowing that your loved ones can always reach you gives both you and them huge peace of mind.

There is no need to download apps, enter multiple passwords or pay for any additional newspaper or book subscriptions – it’s all included. Just press one button and talk…

Five ways to use RealSAM this Christmas

Get cooking winter treats for those you love most

RealSAM Pocket is a phone that reads to you. Our phone can read Christmas recipes in books and magazine articles out loud for you. 

Get inspired for the presents you’d like to buy for Christmas

Through the RNIB ‘Newsagent’, you can browse daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers and magazines to get inspiration for what presents to buy.

Get help in the kitchen or when wrapping presents

RealSAM can also connect you to over five million volunteers who will ‘be my eyes’ and tell you what’s in front of you. That means that for any of those tasks that you might struggle with – there’s help at hand, accessible through your phone.

Get ready for Christmas by listening to a seasonal book, talk or podcast 

Or maybe choose a Christmas audiobook? The phone’s ‘Talking Books’ function gives you access to a library of over 34,000 audiobooks. Choose one that’ll put you firmly in the festive spirit.

Through Pocket you can also access one of the dozens of Christmas-related TED talks on topics including “Why you should read Charles Dickens”.

Perhaps you’d like to delve into Christmas podcasts from the BBC such as “A Question of Sport’s Christmas Special” or enjoy “CBeebies Christmas Eve” with the youngest members of your family.

Pocket lets you access all of this on-demand, along with over 50,000 podcasts from the BBC, RNIB, TED Talks, and much more. 

Sing along with your favourite carols

RealSAM’s magnifier device allows you to read text much more easily so you won’t have to rely purely on your memory (or worse still miss out) when it comes to singing with your friends and family. Just grab a songsheet and your phone and you’re all set for the best carol service in years.

What do others say about RealSAM?

“It is amazing, just to be able to have things on-demand with some very, very simple voice commands is a revolution.” 

RealSam Technology Beta Tester and customer and avid newspaper reader Joe Senior says:

“It is absolutely wonderful to wake up in the morning, have a cup of tea, read The Daily Telegraph and The Times and The Daily Mail and The Daily Express.”

RealSAM UK Director Louise Humphreys says:

“75% of the enquiries we receive are from the loved one of someone with sight loss. Our easy to use product takes away the worry of visually impaired relatives and friends struggling, but without breaking the bank.

“We want this to be the year that everyone can get involved with the Christmas celebrations and we think RealSam Pocket can help those who might otherwise feel excluded, join in with all of the festivities.”

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