Close up image of a man's eye with cataracts

Simple Phone for People with Cataracts

Cataracts are a common eye condition caused by protein build-up and the clouding of the lens. It causes a gradual progression of vision problems if left untreated. Blurry vision and sight loss can impact daily life making mobility, reading and everyday tasks challenging.

A phone designed with accessibility in mind can be the perfect tool to keep you connected. RealSAM phones feature large fonts, high contrast, a built-in magnifier, and voice recognition to help people with visual impairments to use them with ease.

Introducing RealSAM Phone

Image shows a close up of a Real Sam Pocket smart phone being held by a lady pointing at the Assistance features available on Pocket to help blind and partially sighted people
Image of 3 RealSAM mobile phone all lying on a flat surface

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