Make Your Holiday Season More Accessible with RealSAM

‘Make the season more accessible with RealSAM’ written on all caps, in gold, on the top left side. Below this is a black square with gold flecks that says, ‘Limited time sale. Black Friday. Get £50 off RealSAM SIM Free Phones. Code: BLACKFRIDAY50. Shop now. Offer expires 30 November 23.’ On the right is the RealSAm Pocket with the ‘tap to talk’ button activated. The background is green with semi-transparent light spots and gold snowflakes.

This holiday season, why not make your world more accessible? Take advantage of our Black Friday Sale and get a mobile phone that will boost your independence. 


Save £50 in the RealSAM Black Friday sale!

  • Get £50 off when you buy an Unlocked and SIM free RealSAM Phone or Pocket.
  • Don’t miss out on a great deal. You have until 30 November 2023 to use the code BLACKFRIDAY50


Find out how RealSAM can help you things this holiday season:

  • Use the RealSAM Video Magnifier to shop for gifts. Read item descriptions by enlarging when you zoom in. Or have RealSAM read it for you when you use OCR to take a picture of the gift item’s label. 
  • RealSAM’s OCR can read aloud all your holiday greetings from friends and family. Handwritten Christmas cards are not a problem—you’ll be able to use your RealSAM to read those too. 
  • If your house is the go-to for family parties, use RealSAM’s Smart Reminder when you’re preparing the holiday feast. Use your voice to set timers for scrumptious dishes and holiday treats in the oven.  
  • RealSAM’s Global Time and Weather is accessible by voice. Ask RealSAM for the forecast before scheduling your Christmas events and holiday outings. Stay on time and stay in touch when you ask RealSAM for the time anywhere around the globe. 
  • When you need to borrow someone’s eyes to help you with those final Christmas decorations, Be My Eyes volunteers are accessible on RealSAM. Even if it’s past midnight and you’re helping Father Christmas leave presents under the tree. You can easily get in touch with sighted assistance anytime with Be My Eyes on your RealSAM mobile phone.


Simply enter the code BLACKFRIDAY50 at check out or call our team on 0333 772 2708 to claim your discount. 

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