Be Connected

“Creating Contacts just by voice? You can’t do that on other phones!”


Just Say “Call James Bond” or “Telephone 01234 567 899”. You can also operate voice menu systems.   Pocket comes with a phone plan from O2 that provides unlimited free phone calls and texts in the UK, plus 3Gb per month of data for when you are out and about.


Just say “Send a Text to Jane Smith” or “Send a Message to 123 456 789”. Pocket will also read out messages received, and remind you if you have them.


Just say “Add a Contact Miss Moneypenny” to add a new contact’s name and phone number. Contacts can also be added in bulk via our accessible web portal.


Add the word “Assistance” before a contact’s name, and when you press the emergency button 3 times, Pocket will text them your location then attempt to call them. If you have set up more than one, it will do this in sequence.

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