Be Entertained

“No waiting times, no lending limits, no mucking about? Marvellous!”

Audio Books

Using voice alone you can search for, and then stream, over 100,000 books from RNIB, Torch Trust and more.. No borrowing limits. Just say “Find books by Wells” and then perhaps “And about Martians” to refine your search to find The War of the Worlds by HG Wells. Where else but at a library can you find a book by using your voice alone?

Talking Newspapers & Magazines

Wanting to stay in touch by reading today’s newspaper? Just say “Read me the Guardian” to get today’s newspaper. Select from hundreds of British Newspapers and Magazines.


Wanting to access up to date thinking, insights and opinions? Access hundreds of podcasts on Pocket. Just say “Search for podcasts about black holes”. Or if you were perhaps looking for a specific episode, try saying “Find podcast from BBC with title The Archers” And of course you can mark podcasts as favorites, by just saying “Subscribe”.

Internet Radio

Perhaps you would like to relax with a local radio station or a particular genre? Just say “Listen to radio stations in Essex” or “Listen to radio stations about sport”. Pocket has hundreds of UK stations that you can stream over WiFi. And of course you can mark stations as favourites, by just saying “Subscribe”.

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