Be Independent

“To give my guide dog a free run, I labelled each gate on the way. Even though the path was too muddy to distinguish with my feet, the phone was telling me whether the gates were directly in front or behind, or if I had gone off the path. This was just brilliant”.

Manage Time

Pocket has an in-built talking world clock. Just say “What’s the Time?” or “What’s the Time in Paris?”. Need to set a reminder? Just say “Remind me in 20 minutes to turn off the oven” and Pocket will remind you in 20 minutes to “Turn off the Oven”.

Sighted Assistance

Need help seeing the fine print on a medicine bottle or product? Just say “Magnifier” to access Pocket’s built in Magnifier. No need to purchase a separate device! Pocket also has the incredible Be My Eyes on board. Just say “Be My Eyes” to connect the handset’s microphone, speaker and camera, to one of over a million volunteers who can talk to you and tell you what your phone sees.

Getting Around

Taking a day trip? Just say “What’s the Weather” or “What’s the forecast for tomorrow?” and Pocket will give you a forecast. Need to check where you are? Just say “Where am I?” or “What’s around here” to help you get orientated. Going for a walk on a trail or in the park? Pocket can label outdoor locations and navigate you back to them – as the crow flies. Just say “Label Location as Park Gate”. When you are ready, Pocket will get you back there, saying things like “Twenty metres to your front left”.

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