Navigate The Holiday Season With RealSAM

On the left is the RealSAM Pocket with the ‘tap to talk’ button activated. On the right is a 4-point gold star. Below that it says, ‘Navigate this season with RealSAM.’ Below that is a black square with gold flecks and gold writing on all caps saying, ‘Limited time sale. Black Friday. Get £50 off RealSAM SIM free phones. Code: BLACKFRIDAY50. Shop Now. Offer expires 30 November 23.’ The background is a dark blue night sky dotted with snowflakes and stars. At the bottom there’s a snowy landscape with bare trees.

This Christmas season, you may not have a bright star to guide you, but a RealSAM phone can help you find your way. Get in on our Black Friday deal to buy an accessible mobile phone with Navigation Tools. 

Our Black Friday sale must finish on 30th November!

There’s still time to Get £50 off when you buy an Unlocked and SIM free RealSAM Phone or Pocket.

RealSAM’s Navigation Tools can give you guidance. 

Whether you’re shopping, attending Christmas events, or getting together with family and friends, the holiday season is perfect for being out and about. Get Accurate Location with RealSAM. Just press the ‘tap to talk’ and ask, ‘Where am I?’ You’ll always be able to tell your ride or friend your location. 

Looking for a place to shop for cards, gifts, decorations and treats? Take your RealSAM around town with you to find Nearby Points of Interests. You may just hear RealSAM list off the perfect place to get the perfect gift for someone special. 

Turn on RealSAM’s Outdoor Locations at your favourite places. Learn a route and create personalised landmarks that RealSAM can detect along the way. You may not have Rudolph’s nose, but you’ll be able to navigate confidently with your guide dog and RealSAM. 

Simply enter the code BLACKFRIDAY50 at check out or call our team on 0333 772 2708 to claim your discount.