RealSAM 60-Day Return Policy for Accessible Mobile Phones

Try RealSAM for 60 days. No quibble returns is written on a pink background

Are you in search of an accessible smartphone? Look no further than RealSAM. We offer a unique 60-day no-questions-asked return policy, allowing you the freedom to decide whether our devices are the right fit for you, all without any pressure or commitment.

Here’s what you can experience during your 60-day trial period with RealSAM:

Comprehensive Access for 60 Days

Whichever mobile phone you choose, you’ll enjoy complete access to your selected plan, all RealSAM device features, timely software updates, and unwavering customer support from our dedicated team. As a RealSAM customer, you have a generous 60-day window to explore all the outstanding features of our accessible mobile phones.

Total Control by Voice

RealSAM mobile phones are designed to be fully accessible to users living with sight loss, or anyone who could benefit from using voice commands. 

RealSAM eliminates barriers that you or your loved one may face with conventional smartphones. There are no icons and apps to navigate on the screen and there are no complicated accessibility gestures to remember.  

One thing that makes RealSAM devices uniquely accessible is their simple interface. With a large ‘tap to talk’ button, a slight touch will activate RealSAM, and with your voice you can tell your mobile phone what you’d like it to do—you’ll have full control using your voice. 

Connection to Assistance

Our accessible mobile phones are equipped with assistive tools tailored for blind and partially sighted users, including a video magnifier with object and text recognition, location-finding tools, and intelligent reminders. Furthermore, we’ve ensured every user has access to sighted assistance through Be My Eyes, a service that’s easily set up, with the guidance of our Customer Support Team.

Unlimited Entertainment Streaming

Choose the RealSAM Pocket, and enjoy unlimited streaming of books, talking newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and radio, all included with your purchase. Use your voice to find your favourite book, access the latest headlines, and tune into your preferred radio station.  Or you can log onto your Customer Portal and search for content to add to your Bookshelf or Favourites.

Unlimited UK Talk and Text

During your 60-day trial period, you will have full access to the mobile phone plan of your choice. We offer unlimited talk and text plans with a choice of data offers via O2 Virgin Media. Inclusive plans starting at just £19.99 per month with the RealSAM Phone or £26.99 per month for Pocket.

All of this with No Pressure

If at any point during your 60-day trial period you decide that RealSAM is not the perfect fit, our Customer Support Team is just a call away for a hassle-free return process. After arranging your return, you will be responsible for shipping the product and its accessories. We will calculate your refund based on you only paying for the amount of time you have owned and usee the phone. E.g. if you keep your RealSAM Phone for one month before return, you will be charged £19.99 for one month’s use.

If you or someone you know is looking for an accessible mobile phone with helpful features, find out more from the RealSAM Website or visit RealSAM Support for our contact and RealSAM Enquiry Form.


By Guenivir Kendrick