RealSAM Server Update on the 21st August 2023

RealSAM Server Update on the 21st August 2023

The RealSAM service has been updated to make it easier for you to use key features.

You can now find out who has called you with the new feature, ‘who was calling me?’

There are also more options for accessing the weather forecasts for a specific day or time, improvements for managing messages and contacts, and fixes for finding contacts

If you have any questions or would like some support with using the new features, please do not hesitate to contact the UK Customer Support team. The easiest way to contact us is by pressing the talk button on your phone and saying ‘Call RealSam’.

Thank you from,

The RealSAM Team
@ RealThing AI


Key differences you will notice are:


Improvements to the Weather feature. You can now ask RealSAM:

  • The weather for a certain time and place e.g
    • What is the weather tonight?  
    • What is the weather tomorrow?
    • What is the weather on Saturday?
    • What is the forecast for Sunday in London?
    • What is the humidity?
  • You can also use the commands Weather or Forecast to access information in your location.


Easier access to the RealSAM Portal. You can now ask RealSAM:

  • What is my RealSAM login?
  • You can also save books to your RealSAM Pocket device by searching for them on the Portal and selecting the button ‘Add to my bookshelf’. This feature is particularly helpful if a loved one is supporting you and would like to recommend new books for you to read. 


Improvements to making calls and matching contacts

  • You can now access your contacts address book using the phrases:
    • Directory
    • Phone List
    • Show my contacts
    • Contact list
    • Address book
    • Contact book
    • What is <Margaret’s> phone number?
    • Tell me <Jack’s> phone number


  • It is also now easier to add a new contact using the phrases:
    • Add a new number
    • Add name
    • Put a new phone number in
    • I want to add another contact


  • Improved matching of your saved contacts when you want to call or message them
    • Call <Katie> mobile


  • You can now say ‘Missed Calls’ to find out who called you


Improvements to reading and deleting messages. You can now say:

  • Delete all messages
  • Delete messages
  • Read all messages
  • Please read messages
  • How do I read my messages?
  • How do I retrieve my messages?
  • How do I hear my messages?
  • Show me messages
  • Read more messages
  • Read text
  • Read text messages
  • Take me to messages
  • What messages do I have?
  • How do I read text messages?
  • How do I listen to text messages?
  • Last message
  • Play messages
  • Show text messages
  • Send another message to <Jane>
  • Close messages
  • Clear all messages
  • Write text to <Steve>
  • Outgoing messages
  • All messages


We have also restored access to the BBC radio stations.

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