Release Note 220207 – RealSAM Hub Updates

In the next few days the RealSAM Speaker service will be updated with some minor improvements.  Note this will be a change to the speaker service, not the handsets, so you may not notice anything.

The update consists of a number of small dialogue improvements, such as the way we handle words in a list that sound like a number, or are a number.  For example,  in a list of Books, the item, Number 2,  Three Kings, has been difficult to deal with in the past.  We believe we have now dramatically improved our handling of this.   There are also some minor fixes to make RealSAM Hub on the Alexa smart speaker more stable.

A new feature has been added for book readers.  The ability to set default  times for jumping around inside a book.

The Command, “Set default jump forwards to 10 minutes”, allows users to then say ,”Jump Forwards”, and the book will jump forward 10 minutes.  You can still say, “Jump Forward 5 minutes”, but the default, “Jump Forward”, will remain at ten minutes.

The Command, “Set default jump backwards to 5 minutes”, allows users to then say, “Jump Backwards”, and the book will jump backwards 5 minutes.  You can still say, “Jump Backwards 20 minutes”, but the default, “Jump Backwards”, will remain at 5 minutes.

Note these settings are for a user’s whole account, not for just the current book or session.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, brought to you by the Real Sam team, who are dedicated to improving the lives of people living with sight loss.