RealSAM Pocket & RealSAM Phone Server Update

Image of 3 RealSAM mobile phone all lying on a flat surface

Release Note 230329C

The RealSAM service has been updated with some minor improvements.  These improvements are focused on making it easier for RealSAM to understand instructions you may give when sending messages and fixing some bugs related to managing contacts.

Examples of new dialogue includes:

  • When seeking help from RealSAM, the prompt has been changed to For more information, say help”
  • When moving between lists on RealSAM, the prompts have been changed to “To advance say, Next” and “To continue, say, continue”
  • When searching for a contact, RealSAM will now understand “search for <contact> in my contacts please”
  • To find a contact, you can now say “Do I have a contact named <name>?” or “Do I have a contact named <name>?”
  • To make a call, you now have the additional options to say “can you give <contact> a call” or “hey will you call <contact name>”
  • You can find out your phone number by asking “What’s my number”
  • To access your messages, you can additionally use the phrases:
    • read text
    • text
    • please go to my text messages
    • read my new texts
    • read text messages
  • To send a message, you can additionally use the phrases:
    • text <contact>
    • please send a message to <contact>
    • can you give <contact> a message
    • can you give <contact> a message please

If you have any issues with accessing these new updates, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at