Release Note 240704 – RealSAM Updates

A new version of the RealSAM software is now available for RealSAM Pocket on the Samsung xCover 5 handset and RealSAM Phone on the Samsung A04. Version 240321 brings exciting updates to the phone’s functionality, including introducing What’s App, Google Chrome, Google Maps, and enhancements to the capabilities of the inbuilt magnifier and optical character recognition (OCR).

Using What’s App, users can now access international and domestic calling, text messaging, engage with groups and exchange voice notes.  What’s App can be accessed both by voice controls and using an on-screen app. 

Google Chrome and Google Maps are now both available as Android apps, with the option to use in either Talkback Accessibility mode or without additional accessibility support.

The in-built Sighted Assistant Magnifier can now be operated by voice, and gives users the option to ask questions of an image. For example, you can say ‘capture image’ or ‘freeze’ and then say phrases including:

  • What is this?
  • Detect object
  • Read (to read the text in an image)
  • Text recognition (to read text in an image)
  • Increase brightness (to adjust)
  • Change colour to black yellow (to change colour combinations)
  • Zoom in or zoom out


You can also ask specific questions about an image. For example, you can capture an image of a menu and ask:

  • What are the ingredients?
  • How long does this take to cook?


or capture an image of a food label and ask

  • What is the best before date?


or capture an image of a letter and ask

  • What date and time is my appointment?


This update is available for all new RealSAM Phone and RealSAM Pocket orders placed after 4th July 2024. Existing RealSAM customers should contact the RealSAM Customer support team to find out more on the schedule for this update being available for their device. Please note that these features are not available for versions of RealSAM Pocket launched prior to the Samsung xCover 5.