Resources for Carers

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Resources for Carers supporting blind and partially sighted people 

At RealSAM we are passionate about using technology to provide solutions for individuals with diverse needs, and we partner with charities supporting the sight loss and disability community and their carers.  

We have put together several lists of organisations supporting those who are blind, visually impaired and disabled in Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland. We also partner with many charities in England who are RealSAM demonstrators.

We have found most of them support carers along with those who are directly dealing with disabilities. They have dedicated staff and volunteers who are eager to provide help or signpost people to the right resources.  

We’ve pulled together this list of links to Resources for Carers that may be helpful to you or a loved one in need of support:  

Carers UK 

Carers Week

RNIB – Benefits for Carers

Improving Lives Plymouth – Caring for Carers

Highlighting 5 Charities Supporting Blind & Partially Sighted People in Wales

Highlighting 5 Charity Organisations Supporting Blind and Partially Sighted People in Scotland

Highlighting 4 Charities Supporting Blind People in Northern Ireland

RealSAM Phones for Carers and Loved Ones

RealSAM Pocket – Making a Real Difference for Seniors Living with Sight Loss


By Guenivir Kendrick