When RealThing Ai Managing Director, Nick Howden, visited the UK in September he only gave one interview, and that was to Dave Williams on RNIB‘s Tech Talk.

RNIB Tech Talk, Episode 426

In this two part interview Nick explains what sets RealThing’s conversational Ai apart from mainstream options, and how he sees voice ever expanding by increasing accessibility across complex tasks.  Dave and Nick touch on many topics in this fascinating chat including data privacy for voice technology, employment opportunities within the Ai industry for blind and partially sighted people and predictions of what might be next in voice Ai.

Nick joins Dave having recently visited the US where RealSAM Pocket launched earlier this year. He explains how Pocket first came about as part of a unique collaboration with the RNIB and what’s next for the RealSAM products in both countries. 

Nick’s interview can be found at 20:10m and and 54:35m in episode 426 of RNIB Tech Talk.


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