Accessible Phones through RNIB Technology Grants

Every day, assistive technology helps people affected by sight loss live independently. If you are blind or visually impaired, you may qualify to receive help cover the cost of assistive devices through the RNIB Technology Grant scheme.

If you or someone you care for live with sight loss, having an accessible mobile phone can help you stay connected and enable you to do things independently. Thanks to the RNIB, you can now get assistance in purchasing an accessible mobile phone. Even more exciting, they’ve partnered with Online Centres Network to provide free 6-month mobile data packages. The RealSAM Pocket can be the mobile phone that meets all your accessibility needs. It’s a fully voice-operated smartphone developed by RealThing Ai, in partnership with the RNIB, for those who are blind and visually impaired. RealSAM Pocket features large fonts, high contrast colours, and a simple ‘tap to talk’ button that allows you to take control using your voice. It includes assistive tools like a video magnifier for low vision users, text and object recognition, location guidance and anytime, anywhere sighted assistance through Be My Eyes. Additionally, RealSAM Pocket gives you access to free news, podcasts, radios, and thousands of books. Visit to learn more about RNIB Technology Grants and how you can get help purchasing the RealSAM Pocket.

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