Cozy Days With Unlimited Streaming on Pocket

On the left it says, ‘Cozy days with unlimited streaming on the RealSAM Pocket.’ Below that is a black square with gold flecks saying, ‘Limited time sale. Black Friday. Get £50 off RealSAM SIM free phones. Code: BLACKFRIDAY50. Shop Now. Offer expires 30 November 23,’ On the right is the RealSAM Pocket with the ‘tap to talk’ button activated. The background is a room with lots of Christmas decorations and cozy Christmas lights.

This November is the perfect time to get an accessible RealSAM mobile phone. With cooler weather keeping you indoors, stay cozy all winter season when you explore RealSAM Pocket’s unlimited streaming. 

Our Black Friday sale is available now!

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RealSAM’s unlimited streaming includes talking newspapers, thousands of books, podcasts and radios.  


The news doesn’t take a holiday. So, if you like being up to date, Pocket gives you access to the latest headlines from national and local newspapers. Grab your cup of tea and stay well informed through Talking Newspapers on your RealSAM Pocket.


Get your Pocket today and you can stream thousands of Audiobooks from RNIB, Calibre Audio, and other amazing libraries. 

Embrace the magic of Christmas with classics like Dicken’s A Christmas Carol or Agatha Christie’s, Hercule Poirot’s Christmas. Cuddle up with little ones and listen to The Night Before Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seus. Turn up the thrill with Jame Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s Women’s Murder Club Thriller: The 19th Christmas. Get cozy by the fire for a holiday themed sweet romance like The Matzah Ball by Emmy-award winner and author Jean Metzer. The possibilities are endless when you’re streaming books on the RealSAM Pocket. 


There are tons of podcasts for unlimited streaming on Pocket. You can ask RealSAM to search for your favourite podcasts by name. If you just can’t shake of the festive feelings, ask, ‘Search podcast, A Christmas Carol,’ or ‘Find podcasts about Christmas.’ Listen to the latest popular BBC Sounds drama like The Archers, or sample other shows with BBC’s Drama of the Week. Explore comedy, sports, history, science, politics, technology podcasts. And you’ll find a lot of resources and content about accessibility, assistive technology and disabilities from the RealSAM Collection. 


You can search for local radio and stations from all over on Pocket. Turn up the cheer with Christmas music. With Pocket, tune in to sports, news, talk, pop, rock, dance, classic, oldies, or whatever you love listening to!

Get Your Pocket

You’ll love exploring and streaming content and entertainment on Pocket. Simply enter the code BLACKFRIDAY50 at check out or call our team on 0333 772 2708 to claim your discount.