Shipping Policy

Thank you

Thank you for ordering your RealSAM device.  We are sure that you will enjoy years of service with it, and benefit from improvements we will make to it.

To make this early period of getting the device easier, we have put together this document outlining the expectations you should have around timings, and what to do if something seems wrong or you need to make changes to the delivery.

Delivery & Tracking

Arrangements for Delivery of your RealSAM Device

  • Once we have received your order, please allow 5-10 working days for delivery.   Devices are shipped around the country from the Warehouse near Leeds.  Sadly devices cannot be picked up from the Warehouse.
  • Your device will be shipped from our partner O2 Virgin Media via a courier service of their choosing. 
  • Please advise the Agent taking your order, if placed over the phone, of any special considerations relating to your delivery, e.g., leave with a neighbour / in a safe place, knock and wait for recipient to make it to the door due to mobility issues.

Tracking your Delivery

  • If you have provided a personal email address you will receive a tracking link and tracking number once your order has been processed by O2 Virgin Media. You can also call RealSAM Customer Support for the tracking number, if available.
  • If the estimated delivery date is inconvenient, or you would like to add any special considerations about your delivery, we can discuss this with you during the order process.
  • O2 currently uses DHL as their standard courier service. If, once your order has started to ship, you require a change to your delivery date or have new delivery instructions, please call RealSAM Customer Support. They will coordinate with O2 to pass this new information to your local DHL Driver. 
  • DHL will make 3 delivery attempts before returning the parcel back to the sender. Please contact us if this happens so that we can arrange a replacement. 
  • If your order is taking longer than the estimated 10 days to arrive, please first check the tracking information for the latest delivery notifications from DHL. If you believe your order is lost or stolen, we recommend that you contact RealSAM Customer Support so that they can investigate and temporarily block the phone.
  • A member of the RealSAM Customer Support team will try to contact you on the day your order has been delivered. They will help you with the initial setup and answer any questions you may have.


Help with Tracking your Delivery


Delivery Outside of the UK

  • We are only able to ship RealSAM Products within the UK. To order a RealSAM Product in the US visit our website at