Transforming Christmas for Santa with RealSAM Phone

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Have you ever Wondered what Phone Santa uses?


Many may imagine a traditional landline with a rotary dial, or perhaps a snazzy smartphone with a red and white candy cane case. However, given the unique requirements of his job, Santa’s choice of phone is far more interesting and innovative than you might expect!



With his eyesight not what it was, Santa found a phone from RealSAM that he could use with just his voice.

The Benefits of a Voice Controlled Phone

There are several reasons why a voice-controlled phone is the perfect choice for Santa.

  • Firstly, it can help him easily find his way. Guiding a sleigh through the night sky requires precision, and RealSAM’s navigation controls ensure that Santa can reach every child’s home with ease. It’s like having a talking GPS tailored for a sleigh ride!
  • Secondly, the RealSAM Phone has a talking magnifer built in which reads aloud the label on every child’s gift. This feature saves Santa from the hassle of squinting his eyes to read tiny labels and ensures that each child receives the correct present.
  • Lastly, with the voice-controlled phone, it’s easy for Santa to call Mrs. Claus with news of his adventures. Whether he’s updating her on the number of cookies he’s eaten or sharing a funny incident from his travels, Santa can keep Mrs. Claus in the loop without having to fiddle with small buttons or touchscreens.

Try a Voice Controlled Phone from RealSAM

This Christmas, join Santa and try a voice-controlled phone from RealSAM. It’s not just for those with eyesight problems, or those who have to deliver presents all around the world in one night. It’s for anyone who values convenience, simplicity, and the power of voice controls.

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