Using In Your Pocket As A Personal Assistant

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It goes without saying that the mobile phone market can be very overwhelming and there are many different devices to choose from. However, when you have a visual impairment, you may feel as though your options are much more restricted. Thankfully, an In Your Pocket device is able to meet the needs of anyone who is visually impaired or even blind and with such a huge range of useful features, it is more than just a mobile phone, for many, it is a lifeline. 

If you’re looking into the best phone for blind users and you’re wondering how In Your Pocket can help, keep reading today. Below is some information about how this device can be your own personal assistant and help you to stay independent, as well as how some of the main features have helped our customers in everyday situations. 

Be My Eyes

One of the unique features of the In Your Pocket device that is incredibly beneficial to many is the ‘Be My Eyes’ feature. To use this brilliant ‘personal assistant’ feature, all you need to do is ask the device to ‘Be My Eyes’. Doing so will connect the handset’s microphone, speaker and camera to one of over four million global volunteers. They will then be able to talk to you and tell you exactly what your phone sees.

Margaret, aged 71, is blind and uses the Be My Eyes feature on a daily basis at home. Whether she needs assistance with tasks in the kitchen or even just reading, this feature is able to connect her in seconds to free and friendly support.

Navigation assistance

Another way that this mobile phone for blind people can be a personal assistant is by helping you get around. Whether you have a walk you do daily or you go to the shops frequently, the device will help you to do so independently. You will need to take your first journey with a sighted person so that you can bookmark various things on your route, such as traffic lights and post boxes, but the device will then store the journey and remember all of these things. This means you can then confidently take the journey on your own with the help of In Your Pocket. 

Margaret has a guide dog, but she also uses the location settings and navigation assistance features when out and about a lot. She said “the interesting thing is it has given me a much greater perspective of distance. It’s the total reassurance of having In Your Pocket telling me what’s coming up that I like”. She frequently uses In Your Pocket to take local walks. 


Another frequently used feature is the Reminders feature. Not only is this mobile phone for blind users a talking clock and upon request it will tell you the time in any location across the world, but it is also able to set alarms and reminders for you. You can ask the device to notify you of something at an exact time and trust that it will do so, meaning you never forget anything again. 

Margaret has tried to use other mobile phones, such as an iPhone, in the past and really struggled to use it. Having no sight, she was unable to scroll down a menu and find things, but being able to press a button and simply ask the In Your Pocket device to do things is so much easier. So, something as simple as setting reminders is quick and convenient to do. 

Purchasing an In Your Pocket device 

All in all, we think In Your Pocket is a brilliant choice for people who are blind or visually impaired as it combines so many features into one. 

If you have any questions at all about any of the features mentioned above or about the In Your Pocket device in general, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We will happily answer these for you and provide you with any additional information that you may require.