4 Ways RealSAM Can Help on Valentine’s Day

‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ written in pink print and cursive letters with a heart. The RealSAM logo ‘realsam.co.uk’ underneath. The background is white with a bunch of pink hearts at the bottom.

Valentine’s Day is here, and love is in the air! With your RealSAM phone, you can use your voice to make the day special for your loved one. 


Use RealSAM to Send Sweet Valentine’s Messages 

‘Roses are red, violets are blue, I never knew love until I found you.’ 

Use your RealSAM phone to send your special someone messages that will remind them just how much you love them. Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect excuse to dabble into poetry or Shakesperean quotations. If you’d rather brighten their day with laughter, send a message with a funny but lovey joke. 

It’s easy to send messages by voice on RealSAM phones. Just press the ‘tap to talk’ button and say, ‘Text message.’ RealSAM will ask, ‘What message do you want to send?’ Press the ‘tap to talk’ and say what you want to send. Choose who you want to send to and listen for RealSAM’s confirmation. If you have a long message and it’s challenging to say it all in one go, no worries, just send multiple messages. Your loved one will be able to view your conversation thread on their phone. 

Likewise, it’s just as easy if you’re sending messages to someone who’s using a RealSAM phone. Just text, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day,’ as you would normally. They will get a notification, and RealSAM will read your messages aloud for them.


Use RealSAM to Call Your Loved Ones

“I just want you to know that you’re special and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.’

Use RealSAM to call your Sweetheart if they can’t be with you on Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to do when you can add them to your contacts by voice. Just press the ‘tap to talk’ button and say, ‘Add contact.’ RealSAM will ask for their name and number. After you’ve saved their information, you can easily call them by pressing the ‘tap to talk’ and saying, ‘Call…’  

If you’re calling someone who’s using a RealSAM phone, RealSAM will let them know that it’s you ringing them. When sight loss is a challenge, with voice-control, RealSAM can keep you connected on Valentines Day. 


Use RealSAM to Shop for Thoughtful Gifts 

Flowers, chocolates, treats, jewellery… There are so many gift options to choose from for Valentine’s Day. 

You can use your RealSAM phone to shop. If you’re partially sighted, use the in-built video magnifier to zoom into items you are interested in. If you’re severely sight impaired, use the object-text-recognition (OCR) feature to hear the names and get detailed information written on the product. For example, if you’re shopping for assorted chocolates, RealSAM can read the flavours written on the package. 

If you’re sending a Valentine’s Day card to your special someone who uses a RealSAM phone, the OCR recognises handwriting. They’ll be able to listen to your special greeting with their RealSAM phone. 


Use RealSAM to Book a Table for a Special Date

Get dressed up for a romantic evening out with your Valentines. 

Don’t forget to book a table in advance. Valentine’s Day has a habit of sneaking up and we end up finding there’s nothing available.

Did you know that it’s just as easy to save the names and numbers of restaurants and businesses you frequent on your RealSAM contact list? You can add these by voice. Or have a friend or a family member log onto your RealSAM Customer Portal. There they can easily add contacts of businesses, organisations, and services you find helpful.

And so, you can simply press the ‘tap to talk’ and ask RealSAM to book your desired date night destination. And if you need help finding the perfect outfit, you can use RealSAM to connect to Be My Eyes. Sighted volunteers can tell you what colours could go together to complete your stylish outfit.  


By Guenivir Kendrick

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