Mother’s Day Ideas for Mums with Sight Loss

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Sunday 10 March is Mother’s Day! When you’re celebrating the person who’s cared for you all your life, make her feel cherished on the special day. 

If Mum is experiencing age-related vision loss, it can be incredibly challenging. Stress and emotional strain are just as much of a hurdle as physical limitations. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to cheer up Mum and remind her just how much you appreciate her. 

Here are 3 suggestions for Mother’s Day for Mums going through sight loss

1. A Mother’s Day Outing

Most likely, Mum was the one who pushed our buggies and held our hands to take us to the park. Today, Mum might be all too often homebound as vision problems make it difficult for her to be out and about. 

Take Mum for a special day out on Mother’s Day. Let her take your elbow and be her guide. Be her personal shopper at her favourite shop. Does she like dresses? If she now has difficulties seeing colours and designs, describe to her some of the outfits that would look great on her. Does she have a special collection, trinkets or ornaments that she enjoys displaying? Take her out to find something to add to her collection. Describe things for her, or let her hold and feel items she might be interested in. 

Does she enjoy a hobby? A trip to the craft store with someone who will help her find things and come up with new ideas could be what she’d love. Does she enjoy gardening? Spring is on the way, and it might be enjoyable for Mum to visit a plant nursery with you. 

Would it be refreshing for her if she got a spa day, a makeover or hair treatment? If you’re a son, why not pay for her and a friend to enjoy a much needed self care appointment. If you’re a daughter, have a mother and daughter spa day. Or get a makeover together and take a photo you can later frame for each of you to keep. 

A day out with Mum on Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be a fancy destination. It could be as simple as lunch at her favourite restaurant. Just think of an enjoyable activity out of the house and spend quality time with Mum. 

2. A Mother’s Day Visit 

If Mum can’t go out with you, come over for a visit. Make her smile by having her home buzzing with family and grandkids. Be sure to lighten her stress levels by taking care of all the arrangements, especially if you’re going to have lunch or dinner. Take care of the preparations, cooking and required clean up afterwards. This will give Mum the opportunity to connect to everyone and enjoy the visit instead of being in ‘Mum Mode’ and looking after everyone else’s needs. 

3. Mother’s Day Greetings

Shower Mum with “Happy Mother’s Day” calls and messages. 

Many of us are living in the thick of it. Juggling between work and kids and constantly having to prioritise a never ending ‘to do’ list. It’s easy for anybody these days to forget to greet their Mum or Gran, ‘Happy Mother’s Day.” 

One special thing you can do for Mum, remind family and friends to call or text her, ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’ If she’s experiencing vision loss, it’s probably hard for her to fully appreciate the visual aesthetics of greeting cards. But it could really brighten her day if friends and family called or texted her sweet messages throughout the day. 

On Mother’s Day, what really matters is whatever makes Mum happy. Make her feel special by thinking of what she really likes. Because she’s Mum, she’ll appreciate being thought of by you.  

RealSAM for Mum

If sight loss is making it challenging for Mum to use a conventional smartphone, consider RealSAM. With a RealSAM phone, Mum can stay connected using her voice. She can make calls, add contacts, listen to messages and text back using her voice.

RealSAM phones are simple and friendly to use. There’s just the ‘tap to talk’ button to press on the screen. So, there’s no need to worry about navigating a complicated smartphone that’s hard to see. 

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By Guenivir Kendrick