Easter Entertainment Options for Children with Sight Loss

Image of a basket of painted easter eggs

Keeping your children educated and entertained over the Easter break can be tricky, especially if you have a child who may be unable to read, is blind or visually impaired or perhaps can struggle to hold a book.

However, the RealSAM Smart Speaker enables your family to tune into your favourite podcast, listen to one of the hundreds of audio books available through Calibre Audio on RealSAM or sneak in a little extra schoolwork in preparation for the summer term.

The RealSAM Smart Speaker is testament to the impressive advancements in technology which have brought huge benefits to those with disabilities, especially in the last year. Moreover, with more than two million people living with sight loss in the UK and the RNIB expecting that this will be over four million people by the year 2050, there is a vital need for solutions to be in place such as RealSAM to react to and accommodate these statistics.

This brand-new AI personal assistant houses reels of entertainment, books galore, news updates, helpful information from a range of UK sight loss charities in a hub suited to the needs of children with varying conditions this Easter.  Titles includes the latest kids releases such as How The Elephant Got His Trunk and Other Wild Animal Stories through to official GCSE and A-Level texts such as Wuthering Heights and the latest from authors David Walliams and Terry Pratchett. The educational benefits of this our undeniable and have been confirmed by Roger Wilson-Hinds, a former disability consultant at the Department of Employment and the RNIB, who has said that this technology has been an ‘essential companion to me during the recent lockdown’.

Louise Humphreys, UK Country Manager & Group Head of Marketing, RealThing Ai has said “Easter holidays are a great opportunity to reconnect as a family but it’s also a crucial time for children in school, after so much of their recent educational experiences have been virtual. As students begin to be taught in person again, we wanted to curate content that can make continued learning fun during the holidays.  The RealSAM Smart Speaker enables us to bring all the reading materials needed for children and adults in an audiobook format and allow blind or visually impaired families to easily access learning materials alongside news, radio and the latest podcasts from RealSAM’s wider partners including RNIB, Calibre or Henshaws.”

The RealSAM Smart Speaker is the latest product to launch from RealThing Ai, the global leader in developing artificial intelligence powered solutions for people who are blind or visually impaired and the business behind the established accessible smart phone RealSAM Pocket which launched with the RNIB and O2 last year. The RealSAM Smart Speaker subscription is available for £19.90 for twelve month’s access for new customers. Simply say to your Google device to ‘Hey Google, Talk to RealSAM’.

The Alexa version will be available from April 2021. For more information, please visit www.realsam.co.uk

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