Getting Around Independently When Visually Impaired Or Blind

Living with a visual impairment can be undeniably difficult and many people aren’t necessarily able to get around independently as easily as they would be able to if they didn’t have a visual impairment. Thankfully, these days, there are several different methods available that you can use to help you maintain your independence and freely get around without requiring assistance from a family member or a friend.

Two of these most commonly used methods are long foldable canes and guide dogs. Both of these are incredibly beneficial and can aid someone who is visually impaired or blind, however, it can be tough getting back to a place your dog may have visited before!  in this day and age modern technology can also be beneficial. A mobile phone for the visually impaired is more than just a way to keep in touch with people, it is also a key to their independence, keep reading today to find out more.

Mobile phones for the visually impaired

Often, people rely on the GPS on their mobile phone and various map applications to get them from A to B. Whilst these can work brilliantly if you’re driving or walking down a street, it isn’t always effective when walking around a big park or a nature reserve, for example. This is where a specifically designed mobile phone for the visually impaired, such as In Your Pocket, can make getting around independently easier than ever before.

How In Your Pocket can help you get around

Label specific outdoor locations

Instead of only being able to input an end address or drop a pin on an obvious location, In Your Pocket allows you to easily label locations, no matter how small they may be. Say you’re walking around a park and you want to label the gate or a bench, simply ask In Your Pocket to do so. Then, when you want to get back to any previously labelled location, your device will talk you through how to navigate your way.

Be My Eyes’ feature

This mobile phone for the visually impaired also had a ‘Be My Eyes’ feature that does exactly what you’d expect from its name. If you’re unable to get your bearings, simply ask your device to be your eyes and it will connect your microphone, speaker and camera, to a friendly volunteer. They will then be able to tell you exactly what your phone sees and help you to find your way.

Ask your phone to help you get orientated

In Your Pocket can also help you to get orientated too. If you don’t need the help of ‘Be My Eyes’, simply ask the device “Where am I” or “What’s around here” and it will be able to help. With impressively accurate location settings alongside your labelled locations, you will never need to worry about losing your way again. This mobile phone for the visually impaired will prevent any geographic embarrassment.

Ensure you’re prepared for your outing

Before you even step out of the door, In Your Pocket can help you ensure you’re ready to get around independently. Asking something like “what’s the weather like?” will help you to ensure you’re ready for what you will be greeted by on your trip. Whether you need an umbrella or a sun hat, In Your Pocket can help you get around independently when taking a day trip or a long walk somewhere

Using In Your Pocket alongside other available methods

Even if you’re already using another available method to help you get around, a mobile phone for the visually impaired can still help. For example, if you have a guide dog, you can give them a free run in the park and continue your walk without having to worry. Your device can tell you what direction you need to be walking in or whether you have gone off the path. So, both you and your guide dog can have a brilliant time.

Getting around independently

All in all, it is clear to see that just because you’re visually impaired doesn’t mean that you’re unable to get around independently with ease nowadays. Whilst you may choose to use traditional methods such as a long stick or a guide dog, it is fair to say that using a device like In Your Pocket can make getting around even easier and it really can help you to enjoy spending time outdoors independently.

If you would like to find out more about In Your Pocket and how it is more than just a mobile phone for the visually impaired, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team here at In Your Pocket today. We will happily explain everything that this device can offer you and answer any questions that you may have in this regard. You can trust that In Your Pocket can make any worries you have about getting around independently a thing of the past. 

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