In Your Pocket in the Kitchen

Pocket Screen with some measuring cups

Cooking can be an amazing experience or a chore, depending on the mind set you bring to it on any given day. And of course for people living with sight loss, there is a variety of other challenges.

But In Your Pocket is here to help you in the Kitchen!

First some inspiration and recipes. Just say “Find Podcast with Title BBC Good Food.   Now its worthwhile once you start listening to say “Subscribe”, so the podcast will be added to your favorites (so you don’t need to go searching again).

Perhaps you have a good idea of what you feel like and want to look up a recipe. Try “Find Books About Recipes from RNIB Library or “Find Books by Jamie Oliver”. We thought 5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver has some great fresh recipes.

Then you need to collect and prepare the ingredients, or ”Mise en place” as they say in the business.

If you have no sight, just sayBe My Eyes. This will connect you, via the handset’s camera, microphone and speaker, to one of 3 million volunteers. Perhaps ready and waiting to help you poke through the back of the pantry.

Or perhaps you have some sight but are having difficulty reading the labels. Just say “Magnifier” to get the onboard video magnifier going.

Ready to pop something in the oven for an initial hot burst? Just say Remind me in 30 minutes to turn the oven down” to get a smart reminder.  Perhaps you want to check the oven temperature, then its back to using Be My Eyes or Magnifier.

So now it’s time to listen to something while the oven is on. How about we keep with the theme and find the story of a Chef? Just say “Find book with title The Devil in the Kitchen from RNIB”.  It a great read described as “An exhilarating memoir from the legendary Godfather of Bad Boy cooking and a thrilling look behind the doors of a 3-star kitchen.” If you can’t wait as it starts streaming, just say “Go to Section 3” to get to the start of the content. If you are already on it, just say “Recent Books” to find it quickly .

Finally enjoy the meal.

Perhaps connect Pocket to a Bluetooth speaker by saying “Pair Bluetooth, then Find Radio Stations about Classical Music” for something suitable in the background to accompany your feast.

Important Note : In Your Pocket cannot help with the washing up, yet. Sorry about that.


The In Your Pocket Team