Jake Coles, Customer Engagement Intern at RealThing Ai talks to RNIB Radio

Jake is sitting on a bench at a train station with his guide dog sat at his feet. Jake is wearing a navy blue suit, with a blue shirt and tie and he's smiling at the camera


Jake chats to RNIB Radio about his Internship at RealThing Ai

Meet Jake Coles, Customer Engagement Intern at RealThing Ai. Jake joined the RealThing Ai team in February as part of the Get Set Progress internship programme hosted by Thomas Pocklington Trust and RNIB.

In this interview with RNIB Radio, Jake shares his thoughts on how opportunities like this make such a difference for blind and partially sighted people. Jake talks about the challenges he faced in applying for over 200 roles and being shortlisted for 50 interviews before securing his intern role with RealThing, and what he hopes to achieve as part of the programme.

Jake is joined by Louise Humphreys, UK Country Manager for RealThing who explains why she was so keen to recruit an intern, and encourages other employers to not hesitate in doing the same.

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