International Day of Older Persons 2023

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1st October is designated as International Day of Older Persons by the United Nations. It’s a day to recognise the rights of older individuals across the world and the challenges they may face. This year’s theme is, ‘Fulfilling the promise of the universal declarations of human rights for older persons: across generations.’ 

As developers, RealThing Ai set out to empower individuals of diverse needs, especially those living with sight loss. With many of our users affected by age-related visual impairments, the International Day of Older Persons resonates with us as it’s a reminder of the power of innovation to bring connection, independence, and accessibility.  

Building Bridges Between Generations 

National Older Persons Day is a reminder to bridge the generational gap, fostering stronger connections between older individuals and their families. If you have an older parent dealing with sight loss, technological innovations can provide solutions that can make your loved ones’ lives easier and more fulfilling.

RealSAM provides an easier, more accessible way for someone experiencing visual impairments to stay connected. Our accessible mobile phones eliminate barriers by enabling seamless communication and interaction, strengthening family bonds and friendships across generations. 

Empowering Independence 

RealSAM empowers older persons to live independently. We celebrate the stories of resilience and determination among our users who have embraced AI technology to accomplish what they need and want to do on their own. The freedom to send messages, make calls, and access information through voice commands brings newfound independence to those who may have otherwise felt isolated.

Collaborating with Charities and Supportive Professionals

National Older Persons Day also serves as a reminder of our collaboration with non-profit organisations, charities, and services professionals. Together, we work to ensure a more accessible world through technology and advocacy. 

Browse Our Resources

Just as the United Nations reminds us, our stage of life shouldn’t determine our status as a valued person. Access to support is important. If you or your loved one is looking for resources to help you with challenges, we’re continuing to build a collection of information and resources for the community. Feel free to browse our News Page for articles and content that could be helpful to your specific need. 

If you feel like connecting with others is difficult for you or someone you know because your mobile phone is inaccessible, learn more about RealSAM mobile phones; easy to use devices that you can fully control by voice. 


By Guenivir Kendrick

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