Keeping up with the news with RealSAM In Your Pocket

A Photograph of a stack of Newspapers depicting titles available on RNIB newsagent

Keeping up to date can be tough.  Tougher also if your eyesight is starting to fail.  And Isolation just makes things worse.

The RealSAM In Your Pocket team appreciates this.  In fact creating a newspaper reader was the “version 1” of In Your Pocket.   We now have over 100 Newspapers available, that are updated daily.  And there is nothing simpler than using In Your Pocket.  RealSAM allows you to search inside Talking Newspapers, jump to a section or article and stream instantly.

To find a Newspaper you can jump straight to it by saying something like  “Read me the Guardian“.  If you are unsure, you can say “Which Newspapers do you have?” .  If you are getting Pocket to list the Newspapers, you can shorten your search by saying something like “Next starting with B” or “Next containing Essex“.   Once you have started reading a newspaper you like you can say “Subscribe“.  Next time you want to listen, you only need to say “My Newspapers” to get to the Newspapers you like.

You don’t need to wade through the newspaper, to get to the section you like. You can say “Skip this Section“, or “Next Section”  or perhaps “What Sections do you have?“.  Of course if you know you can say “Read the Sport Section“.     When you have mastered Pocket, you can jump straight to it and say things like “Read me the Business Section of the Times“.

Pocket will start reading you the headlines for the section.  You can jump in at any time by saying “That one“.    You can then say “Next” for the next article or “Go Back” if you want,  You can also find a specific  article by searching with phrases like “Search for articles about Big Ben” or “Find Articles about the NHS“.

You can of course sit back close your eyes and say “Automatic Reading” then Pocket will do all the work.  Mind you if you don’t like an article you can say “Next” without dropping out of automatic mode.

A full list of our Newspapers is below (current at today’s date).  Enjoy!

Regional Airdrie And Coatbridge Advertiser
Regional Belfast Telegraph
Regional Birmingham Mail
Regional Brentwood Gazette
Regional Carmarthen Journal
Regional Colchester Gazette
Regional Cornish Guardian
Regional Coventry Telegraph
National Newspaper Daily Express
National Newspaper Daily Mail
National Newspaper Daily Mirror
Regional Daily Post (Welsh)
National Newspaper Daily Record
National Newspaper Daily Star
National Newspaper Daily Star Sunday (436E)
Regional Derby Evening Telegraph
Regional Dumfries And Galloway Standard
Regional East Anglian Daily Times
Regional Eastern Daily Press
Regional Echo (Essex)
Regional Edinburgh Evening News
Regional Essex Chronicle
Regional Evening Chronicle
Regional Evening Express (Aberdeen)
Regional Evening Gazette (Stockton-on-Tees
Regional Evening Standard (London)
Regional Evening Times (Glasgow)
Regional Exeter Express & Echo
Regional Express & Star
National Newspaper Financial Times (350E)
Regional Gloucestershire Echo
Regional Grimsby Telegraph
Regional Hampstead And Highgate Express
Regional Herald Express (Torbay)
Regional Hull Daily Mail
National Newspaper i
National Newspaper International New York Times
National Newspaper Irish Independent
National Newspaper Irish Times
Regional Islington Gazette
Regional Kent and Sussex Courier
Regional Lancashire Evening Post
Regional Lancashire Telegraph
Regional Leicester Mercury
Regional Lincolnshire Echo
Regional Liverpool Echo
Regional Llanelli Star
Regional Loughborough Echo
Regional Manchester Evening News
Regional Metro
Regional Newham Recorder
Regional Norwich Evening News
Regional Nottingham Evening Post
Regional Oxford Mail
Regional Paisley Daily Express
National Newspaper Racing Post
National Newspaper Racing Post Weekender
National Newspaper Scotland on Sunday
Regional Scunthorpe Telegraph
Regional Solihull News
Regional South Wales Argus
Regional South Wales Echo
Regional South Wales Evening Post
Regional Southern Daily Echo
Regional Stirling Observer
National Newspaper Sunday Express
National Newspaper Sunday Herald (Glasgow)
Regional Sunday Life (Northern Ireland)
National Newspaper Sunday Mail
Regional Sunday Mercury (Birmingham)
National Newspaper Sunday Mirror
Regional Sunday Post
Regional Sunday Sun
Regional Swindon Advertiser
Regional Tamworth Herald
Regional Telegraph and Argus (Bradford)
Regional The Argus (Brighton and Hove)
Regional The Bath Chronicle
Regional The Birmingham Post
Regional The Bolton News
Regional The Chester Chronicle
National Newspaper The Conversation
Regional The Courier
National Newspaper The Daily Telegraph
Regional The Gazette (Blackpool)
National Newspaper The Guardian
National Newspaper The Herald Glasgow
Regional The Huddersfield Daily Examiner
Regional The Hunts Post
National Newspaper The Independent
Regional The Journal (North East)
National Newspaper The Mail on Sunday
Regional The Northern Echo
National Newspaper The Observer
National Newspaper The People
Regional The Plymouth Herald
Regional The Post (Bristol)
Regional The Press
Regional The Press and Journal (Aberdeen)
National Newspaper The Scotsman
Regional The Sentinel (Staffordshire)
National Newspaper The Sun
National Newspaper The Sunday Telegraph
National Newspaper The Sunday Times
National Newspaper The Times
National Newspaper Wales on Sunday
Regional West Briton (Cornwall)
Regional Western Daily Press (Somerset)
National Newspaper Western Mail (Wales)
Regional Western Morning News (West Country)
Regional Wishaw Press
Regional Worcester News
Regional Yorkshire Evening Post
Regional Yorkshire Post


A Photograph of a stack of Newspapers

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