New Software release with focus for Locations plus more

In the next few days an update for In Your Pocket will be released. This release includes the following changes:

1. A new feature to focus on an outdoor location, and announce where it is relative to you.
2. A fix for problems installing Be My Eyes and Magnifier applications.
3. An update to the voice user guide, which you can access by saying, user guide.

Once your device is updated, you will be able to try out these new features.

To turn on Outdoor Locations, say Start Locations or, Turn on Locations. To label a gate to a park, when you reach the gate, just say, Label Location as Park Gate, or alternatively, Save location as Park Gate. You can label lots of places with a name that is meaningful to you. Pocket will announce the nearest location as you move around, and if you want to hear about a particular location, you can focus on it. To do this, say list locations, then select a location by number, and say, focus. These locations will be remembered until you delete them, so you can turn off Locations once you are done. If you wish to Delete a Location, just say, List Locations, and choose the Location that you wish to remove. To turn off the service, just say, Stop Locations or, Turn off Locations.

Some people have reported problems with installing the Be My Eyes and Magnifier applications. If you are experiencing problems with either of these, after the upgrade you can try saying, reinstall applications. This will ask Pocket to reinstall these applications from scratch, and this should fix the problems.

As a reminder, Be My Eyes is a fantastic service that connects you on a video link with over two million volunteers from around the world to assist with every day tasks. Just say, Be My Eyes, and it will connect you with the first available volunteer. The volunteer will be able to see through the camera on the rear face of the In Your Pocket device, so point this at whatever you want help with.

All the best from the In Your Pocket team, who are dedicated to improving the lives of people living with sight loss.

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