Why Should You Choose ‘In Your Pocket’ Over A Regular Smartphone?

When it comes to choosing a new mobile phone, there are numerous manufacturers on the market who are in constant competition and all offer a very similar product. Unfortunately, the majority of current smartphones accessibility is an afterthought. They are rarely user-friendly for the blind or the visually impaired, which can make finding a new phone even more difficult for this sector.

Thankfully, In Your Pocket may have the perfect solution for anyone who is unhappy with what the current commercial market has to offer. If you’re visually impaired yourself, or you know someone who is, then keep reading today. Below we have compared In Your Pocket to a regular smartphone, looking into the benefits of choosing this smart mobile phone for the blind or visually impaired over the other popular mobile phones on the market.

Voice activation

Voice activation is simply a better interface for the visually impaired as it works with their strengths, not weaknesses.  It also works for users if their vision is deteriorating down a path of complete sight loss.

Whilst the majority of smartphones have some form of voice activation and they usually claim to always understand what you’re saying, the majority of the time this isn’t the case. All they do is try to match what you are saying, with a pre-recorded understanding.  Albeit millions of phrases are in their database.  But it’s why so many people have issues with the voice activation on popular smartphones. There is no understanding, just mapping of phrases.   To make things worse, on some platforms  the organisations have thousands of employees invading the users privacy and listening to conversations they have recorded – with the argument they are trying to ensure “better mapping”.

Thankfully, with In Your Pocket, you won’t have to worry about these frequent issues. Based in cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and a unique approach, it attempts to understand what you are trying to achieve.  Additionally, its designed from the ground up to be a mobile phone for the blind and the visually impaired, rather than accessibility as an add-on, so it just works better. 

Touch screen and buttons

Often, the most popular smartphones are completely touchscreen. Lots of manufacturers have taken away all of the buttons and instead replaced them with face recognition and specific swiping actions. Again, these functions aren’t convenient for everyone and learning the complex patterns can be beyond the reach of some users.

When using In Your Pocket, you don’t have the frustrations associated with touchscreen phones. Whilst almost everything is voice-controlled, you still have 3 buttons on the device too. You can easily navigate around In Your Pocket without the issues you get with a touchscreen only device.

Size and shape

Nowadays, modern smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, they are no longer a device that you can slip into your pocket and often, they can be quite difficult to hold comfortably in one hand too. This may be a selling point for some, but for others, it is very off-putting.

As a mobile phone for the blind and the visually impaired, In Your Pocket is designed to easily be held in one hand. So, if you have a guide dog or use a white cane then you can still use the device at the same time. It is also small enough to put in any pocket with ease.

Getting Around

You can expect all smartphones to have some form of maps app installed on them and some are much better than others. Sadly though they tend to fail as soon as you want to go for a walk in an area without mapped roads, such as a park, a field or a lake.  You usually can’t solely rely on your mobile phone to get you from A to B and it isn’t uncommon for it to take some time to find your correct location too.

This is another issue that In Your Pocket is specifically designed to overcome. Whether you’re unsure where you are or you need to get back to a particular location, this isn’t a problem. The smart device can help you get orientated and direct you to labelled outdoor locations too.

Choosing In Your Pocket over other smartphones

There is no denying that if you’re searching for a mobile phone for the blind or visually impaired then In Your Pocket is the perfect solution. You will never have to worry about any of the typical issues associated with regular smartphones and you won’t need to resort to a classic phone with large buttons either. You can feel confident that this smart device will make life much easier in general, and small things like calling or texting someone incredibly simple again.

Whilst we have focused on why In Your Pocket is a good mobile phone for the blind or visually impaired, it is actually much more than just a phone. It is also an audiobook streamer and a living assistant too. If you would like to find out more about the amazing features of the In Your Pocket device, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. We will happily discuss the device with you in much more detail.