New Talent Added : Customer Portal for Contact Management

RealSAM has released a new capability for In Your Pocket in the last couple of days. A web based customer portal that allows users, their friends, family or carers to manage their phone contacts and import them in bulk if desired. This makes life easier if you have lots of contacts to deal with or want someone else to be putting contacts into your device. The portal is at

There are currently three areas of the customer portal. They are Help, User Settings and Contact Management.

The Help area has information on how to use the portal.

The User Settings area allows you to improve visibility of the website by changing the font size and or the theme. You can also change your password for the portal.

Under Contact Management, You can add, change or delete contacts. At this stage the only contact details that are stored are a name and a number. If you prefix a contact name with the word assistance (For example, “assistance Susan”), then when you press the assistance button 3 times, these contacts will receive a text message including your location information, and the first one will be connected in a phone call.  You can have up to 3 contacts flagged with the word assistance. You can also import contacts in bulk with the portal supporting Google contacts(csv format) and Apple contacts(vcf format).  CSV files can also bre created by programs like Microsoft Excel,  with names in one column and phone numbers in the other.

Your In Your Pocket will be updated with the new contacts overnight, however you can make it refresh sooner by turning the handset off for two hours.

To determine your Customer Portal Login and Password, just say “What’s my Portal Login” You will be given your username and a password that will last for one hour to You are recommended to update your password to a new permanent one once logged in.

We hope you will enjoy this feature. If you would like more information please ring 333 772 77080 or email

All the best from the In Your Pocket team.

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