New Talent : Connecting Bluetooth Devices

In the next few days you will receive an update for your In Your Pocket device, which will enable you to pair it with blue tooth devices, such as speakers and hearing aids.

To pair a blue tooth device with Pocket, you will need to put the speaker or other blue tooth device into pairing mode, and then ask Pocket to “pair blue tooth“. Pocket will then search for blue tooth devices nearby and present a list for you to select from. Choose the device from the list to pair it with Pocket.

Not all blue tooth devices will work with Pocket, and you will need to try yours to see if it is compatible.

If your device has a microphone and a button, such as a blue tooth headset, then you may be able to use these to speak to Pocket rather than speaking into the Pocket device itself.

This Bluetooth release also fixes some other small bugs, including a problem with getting the weather for your current location, and some problems with playback of certain audio books from the R N I B library.

All the best from the In Your Pocket team.

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