Discover RealSAM Speaker: Exciting Week 2 News

RealSAM Speaker is a Google Home Speaker with a subscription to RealSAM

What a whirlwind month March has been so far! In the 10 days since we launched #RealSAMSpeaker, we’ve seen interest from all over the world from people eager to access our specialist information, audio books and podcasts, all handpicked for the blind and partially sighted community.  

Thanks to our partnership with Calibre Audio we now have a dedicated offer for parents looking for resources for children who are blind or have visual impairments. They can use RealSAM Speaker to stream more than 3,000 audiobooks for children and young adults, including Key Stage 1-4, GCSE, and A-Level texts to assist with studies. Calibre audio logo

We’ve also seen reviews shared from influential bloggers, including Chloe Tear, Holly Scott-Gardner and Emily Davison

Here’s a wrap up of week 2 for RealSAM Speaker

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