Choosing between RealSAM Pocket or iPhone

Comparing the Benefits of the RealSAM Pocket and the iPhone for People with Sight Loss

In today’s world, smartphones play an essential role in staying connected, accessing information, and managing daily activities. For individuals with sight loss or age-related health conditions, choosing the right smartphone is crucial.
Two notable options are the RealSAM Pocket smartphone and the iPhone. This blog post compares the benefits of these two devices, helping you decide which might be the best fit for your needs.

RealSAM Pocket Smartphone: Tailored for Accessibility

The RealSAM Pocket smartphone is a specialised device designed specifically for people with sight loss. Here’s why it stands out:

1. Voice-Activated System

  • The RealSAM Pocket operates entirely through voice commands, making it highly accessible for users with sight loss. Users can make calls, send texts, set reminders, and access information simply by speaking to the phone.

2. Simplified Interface

  • Unlike traditional smartphones, the RealSAM Pocket does not rely on touch screens or complex navigation. Its simplified, voice-driven interface is intuitive and easy to use, reducing the learning curve for elderly users or those with sight loss.

3. Built-In Assistance

  • The device comes with built-in assistance features, including an extensive library of voice-guided tutorials and help functions. This ensures that users can easily understand and utilise the phone’s capabilities.

4. Focus on Safety

  • The RealSAM Pocket includes emergency features such as an SOS button, which can quickly alert pre-set contacts in case of an emergency. This feature is particularly beneficial for elderly users who might need immediate assistance.

5. Customised Content

  • Users can access a wealth of content tailored for the visually impaired, including talking books, newspapers, and radio stations. This feature enhances the user experience by providing easy access to entertainment and information.

iPhone: Mainstream Technology with Robust Accessibility

The iPhone is renowned for its advanced technology and comprehensive accessibility features. Here’s why it’s a strong contender:

1. VoiceOver Screen Reader

  • The iPhone’s built-in VoiceOver screen reader is one of the most advanced in the market. It allows users to navigate the phone using touch and sound, describing what’s on the screen and enabling interaction with apps and content.

2. Siri Voice Assistant

  • Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, allows users to control their phone, send messages, make calls, and even control smart home devices using voice commands.

3. Magnification and Display Options

  • The iPhone offers various magnification options and display adjustments, such as increasing text size, using high-contrast colours, and inverting colours to make the screen easier to read.

4. Wide Range of Apps

  • The Apple App Store provides a vast range of apps designed for accessibility, including apps for magnification, voice control, and navigation.

5. Ecosystem Integration

  • The iPhone integrates seamlessly with other Apple products and services, such as the Apple Watch, iPad, and HomePod.

Comparing the Two Options

Ease of Use

  • RealSAM Pocket: Ideal for users who prefer a straightforward, voice-activated device without the complexities of a touch screen.
  • iPhone: Suitable for users who are comfortable with technology and can benefit from a wider range of features and apps.

Accessibility Features

  • RealSAM Pocket: Specially designed for people with sight loss, with features like voice-only operation and simplified navigation.
  • iPhone: Offers a comprehensive set of accessibility features, including VoiceOver, Siri, and display adjustments, catering to a broader range of needs.

Content and Apps

  • RealSAM Pocket: Provides specialised content for visually impaired users, such as talking books and radio stations.
  • iPhone: Access to a vast library of apps and content through the App Store, offering more versatility and options.

Safety and Emergency Features

  • RealSAM Pocket: Includes a dedicated SOS button for quick emergency access.
  • iPhone: While it has emergency SOS features, accessing them requires knowledge of the device’s interface.

Cost and Availability

  • RealSAM Pocket: Typically more affordable than high-end iPhones, designed specifically for its target audience.
  • iPhone: Generally more expensive, with ongoing costs for apps and services, but offers greater versatility and advanced technology.


Both the RealSAM Pocket and the iPhone offer unique benefits for individuals with sight loss and age-related health conditions. The choice ultimately depends on the user’s specific needs and preferences.

The RealSAM Pocket excels in simplicity and specialised accessibility, making it ideal for those who want a device tailored specifically for sight loss. The iPhone, with its advanced technology and extensive range of features, is perfect for users who are comfortable navigating a more complex device and who seek versatility and integration with other smart devices.

Consider what features matter most to you or your loved ones, and choose the device that best fits those needs. Whether it’s the RealSAM Pocket’s straightforward approach or the iPhone’s robust capabilities, both options offer valuable tools for enhancing accessibility and improving daily life.