Launching Bookshelf on RealSAM Pocket

image of a bookshelf of library books to depict audiobooks libraries

Summer’s here and so is the release of the latest feature on RealSAM Pocket!

Today we joined the team at RNIB Connect Radio to share how RealSam has your summer holiday reading sorted thanks to the launch of our new Bookshelf feature.

Bookshelf makes it easier to listen to your favourite talking books from RNIB and Calibre Audio by allowing you to search for books using your voice, then simply add them to your virtual Bookshelf on both RealSAM Pocket and the RealSAM Hub for Google or Alexa Smart Speakers.

Try saying “Find books about Sport and about Tennis and about Andy Murray” to be taken to Judy Murray’s book Knowing the Score.  You can search for books by name, genre or keyword, and add as many as you choose to your Bookshelf to read.

Find out more by listening to RNIB Connect Radio… and if you want to check out Andy Murray’s comeback, he’s back on court this week at Queen’s!