Are you looking for a Father’s Day gift?

Dark blue background with the words Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there

This Father’s Day check out all the fun and helpful features of RealSAM Pocket for your dad

Pocket is great for reading audiobooks

If your Dad loves to read, what better a gift this Father’s Day than being able to stream over 30,000 titles from amazing audiobook sources like RNIB Talking Books, Calibre Audio and Torch Trust.

Whether he enjoys revisiting the classics like The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien or jumping into the latest thrillers from the new releases, like The Reckoning by bestseller author John Grisham, your Dad can have an amazing experience using Pocket for all his reading pleasures. 

Tune in to radio stations on Pocket

If your Dad loves sports, he can keep up with his favourite teams by tuning in to live sports on the radio. With The Ashes test match starting on Friday 16th June, Dad can listen to all the latest coverage on Talk Sport radio with Pocket. Perfect timing for Father’s Day weekend!

Relax this Father’s Day with a new podcast

If your Dad loves music, he might enjoy listening to Lauren Lavern’s influential guests share the ‘soundtrack of their lives’ on the latest episode of The Desert Island Discs podcast. If he’s passionate about history, he can tune in to In Our Time: History. Whatever his interest may be, Dad can check out all the latest from BBC and other intriguing podcasts on Pocket. 

Get the latest new headlines on Pocket

If your Dad likes to stay informed with the latest news, he’ll be able to ‘read all about it’ with unlimited national and local talking newspapers. Pocket also offers access free magazine subscriptions via RNIB Newsagent. No need for a separate Father’s Day gift!

Gift your Dad with personal assistance! 

Lastly, you can gift your Dad with access to personal assistance, available anytime and anywhere to solve everyday challenges. To call a helpful volunteer via Be My Eyes, all he has to do is press the ‘tap to talk’ button and say, ‘Be My Eyes.’ 

RealSAM Pocket – A fully voice-operated phone to keep you and Dad in touch

Pocket is super simple to use. Everything can be done just by pressing the ‘tap to talk’ button and asking it to make calls, read messages, reach Be My Eyes or access news and entertainment. 

Of course, if you just want to be able to call your Dad this Father’s Day to let him know you love him, Pocket makes that easy too. 


By Guenivir Kendrick