Questions To Ask Yourself When Investing In A New Phone For The Visually Impaired

In today’s modern age, many people simply couldn’t get through the day without technology. Whether you’re texting someone, answering emails, checking the news or scrolling through social media, many take the ability to do so for granted. Unfortunately, for many people living with a visual impairment, using a mobile phone

Why Should You Choose ‘In Your Pocket’ Over A Regular Smartphone?

When it comes to choosing a new mobile phone, there are numerous manufacturers on the market who are in constant competition and all offer a very similar product. Unfortunately, the majority of current smartphones accessibility is an afterthought. They are rarely user-friendly for the blind or the visually impaired, which

New Talent : Torch Trust Audio Library is now available on In Your Pocket

30 January 2019  You should have received an update for your In Your Pocket device in the last couple of days, which will enable you to access the Torch Trust Audio Library. Torch Trust is a Christian organisation providing accessible Christian literature, resources and services, encouraging people to have confidence in